Quantitative Facial Fit Testing

This service provides individuals with a fit test report stating the respirator tested and any specific notes.

National Units of Competency

CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry

This course is the certificate that is required to obtain the National Construction Induction Card, which is required by any person wishing to undertake construction work.

Nationally Accredited Courses

10830NAT – Course in Crystalline Silica Exposure Prevention

This nationally accredited course in Crystalline Silica Exposure Prevention specifies the outcomes required to recognise the workplace health and safety risks of working with crystalline silica containing products.

11084NAT – Course in Asbestos Awareness

This nationally accredited course teaches participants the ability to identify and manage asbestos containing materials.

10894NAT – Course in Workplace Impairment Prevention

The Course in Workplace Impairment Prevention specifies the outcomes required to recognise the health and safety factors, risks and hazards of working impaired and to plan for the implementation of safe systems of work aimed at prevention of impairment.

Awareness Courses/Non Accredited Training

WHS Hazard Identification

In this course participants are armed with the knowledge and skills to identify, assess and implement workplace health and safety management procedures.

Workplace Gender Equity Awareness (Safe and Respectful Workplaces Workshop Gendered Violence in the Construction Industry)

Safe and Respectful Workplaces Workshop: Gendered Violence in the Construction Industry.

Hazardous Manual Tasks (Manual Handling)

Proper manual handling and lifting reduces the prospect of serious damage to oneself or others. Arm yourself with eth right knowledge and skills.

Electrical Awareness Training

Electricity is powerful and dangerous. Understanding the potential risks associated with Electricity is the purpose of this course.

Workplace Mental Health Awareness

This training course aims to increase awareness and understanding regarding depression, anxiety and suicide, while also giving strategies for building personal resilience.

Preliminary Impairment Assessor Training

This course is designed for elected health and safety representatives and or union delegates to develop the skills to conduct an effective preliminary impairment assessment.

Bullying, Harassment & Racial Vilification Training

Bullying, harassment & discrimination in the workplace is unacceptable and avoidable.

Health and Safety Representative Training as approved by the WorkSafe ACT Commissioner

Develop the skills and knowledge to grasp the concept of Work Health and Safety, and successfully fulfil the WSR role within the workplace.

WH&S Managers & Supervisors

Learn to identify hazards within the building and construction industry and be able to participate proactively in an incident investigation.

Health and Safety Committee Training as approved by WorkSafe ACT Commissioner

This training course provides participants with the skills to become active members of the safety committee.

Height Safety Training (Statement of Attendance)

Working at heights poses significant safety risks to the untrained person. This course develops skills and knowledge aimed at reducing working at height risks.

COVID 19 Awareness Course

Our COVID 19 awareness course arms participants with the relevant skills and knowledge to reduce the chances of contracting COVID 19.


Nutrition Training

A nutritionally balanced diet helps one live a longer, healthier life. This course helps participants developer a deeper understanding of nutrition and healthy eating.


Sun Smart Training

We all know the dangers related to sun exposure, a risk that is prevalent amongst outdoor workers. This course builds skills and knowledge to help reduce any risks related to working in the sun.

Domestic Violence Awareness Training

Domestic Violence is a growing issue in Australia, with more cases on the rise. It has serious negative consequences for individuals, families, and the community.

Onsite Fire & Emergency Procedure Training

This awareness course provides participants with the understanding of onsite fire awareness.

Ladder Safety Awareness

Ladders are handy, when used the right way, and dangerous when used incorrectly. Preventing falls and slips, securing and correct positioning of a ladder are discussed in this course.

Safe use of Hand and Power Tools

This awareness course provides the participants with the knowledge and skills to correctly use hand and power tools. They will look at the hazards and risks associated with using these tools and the different types of tools now available.

Heat Awareness Training

This training course provides the participants with the knowledge & skills to be able to understand the potential risks associated with heat in the construction industry relating to the Australian environment.