Quantitative facial fit testing

This service provides individuals with a fit test report stating the respirator tested and any specific notes. Face fit testing is designed to provide construction workers with the best protection against the effects of hazardous materials that individuals may come in contact with. Fit testing, wearing the most suitable mask that provides the best seal for you your face will reduce the chances of any dangerous particles entering the mask and being inhaled.

Service areas include:

  • Ensuring the seal of the mask is adequate
  • How to clean and store the respirator safely
  • Compatibility of the correct mask whilst wearing other PPE equipment
  • Demonstrated ability to ensure adequacy of wearing the respirator
  • When to change filters
  • A series of questions to determine there is no medical issues involving breath work

The service duration is 45 Minutes Per Test* however some participants may require a subsequent appointment should they fail their first face fit test



Retail: $99 GST Included

Masks available: $55 per mask GST Included

Delivery method: Face to face

Please phone the office on (02) 6230 1320 to book an appointment