Heat Awareness Training

This training course provides the participants with the knowledge & skills to be able to understand the potential risks associated with heat in the construction industry relating to the Australian environment. It is a non-accredited safety training course & it is recommended that a refresher be undertaken annually.

Topics covered in this course are:

    • Thermal comfort
    • Adapting to the thermal environment
    • Humidity
    • What is heat stress?
    • What causes heat stress?
    • Environmental causes of heat stress
    • Personal causes of heat stress
    • Dehydration
    • Heat stress – hydration, signs & symptoms
    • Heat exhaustion & heat stroke
    • General first aid for heat illness’
    • Prevention of heat stress
    • Sun safe tips
    • Control measures
    • Reporting heat related incidents
    • Rules regarding heat
    • Monitoring temperature

This course may help you meet your lawful obligations to Clause 34- 38 of the Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011.

The course duration is 60 minutes.

Delivery method: Face to Face. Face to Screen web-based delivery also available. Please contact the office on 02 6230 1320.