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Helpful Information

Q. Where do I go for training? Where are the CSI training room located?

A. The location will appear on the top of your completed booking forms. The most common training room for CSI is located on level 2, Quality Hotel Dickson ACT 2602. If you are unsure please check your emails that the booking forms were sent to as CSI staff send a location map as well as the booking forms.

Please park underneath the Dickson Tradies Club in the car park and head towards the double lifts. Select level 2. Follow the silver handrail around to the right hand side of the room, around to the door and the training rooms are located here.

Q. What do i do about the parking at the Dickson Tradies Club?

A. Make sure you see your trainer before you leave for the day and they will give you a new card for parking. CSI can not reimburse parking already paid.