Workplace gender equity awareness (safe and respectful workplaces workshop gendered violence in the construction industry)

This unique workshop is an industry appropriate workshop that is uniquely adapted to the ACTs construction industry’s work, health and safety practices while delivering active bystander/gender equity training. CFMEU ACT with support from the ACT Office for Women has developed this course with the purpose of educating participants and through this engagement with an informed source of construction workers, gather information about issues of gender inequity in the industry and help determine what factors are impacting inclusion and women’s participation in the construction industry. The aim of this research is to help develop strategies that will significantly improve the culture and address factors limiting the retention of women’s participation in the industry.

The workshop has been developed as a result of extensive research and consultation with construction workers both in the ACT and in other Australian states and draws on current best practice and expertise in the field of gender equity.

 Purpose of training and awareness

  • Training participants in developing an understanding of the drivers of sexual harassment and gendered violence and gender inequity and the ways workplace cultures can contribute to or help to prevent gendered violence at work. The workshop draws on existing equal opportunity and discrimination legislation and policy, along with work, health and safety legislation extending beyond this to focus on positive cultural change at all levels of the construction workplace.
  • Participants also explore how they can ensure that their workplace is safe and inclusive for everyone including women and people who identify as LGBTQIA+.
  • Organisations such YWCA and Trades Hall Victoria have a gender equity – gendered violence focus course. The CFMEU ACT has developed one that is industry specific and that is what this course is.

Detailed course summary

Safe and respectful workplaces workshop: Gendered violence in the construction industry

A joint CFMEU and CSI workshop

Participants in this 3 workshop will:

  • Apply hazard identification techniques to understand
  • what gendered violence is
  • the WHS impacts of gendered violence
  • how discriminatory/inequitable behaviour based on gender manifests in the workplace
  • assess the risk which takes into account the injuries, impacts and health risks of gendered violence, and is based on an understanding of the drivers of gendered violence in the workplace context
  • learn about control measures including obligations as a worker to prevent and address gendered violence

Practice workplace skills to be able to identify and prevent gendered violence, including understanding reporting options, supporting those affected by gendered violence and active bystander approaches.

Delivery method: Face to Face